Month: June 2017

Keep your head up when things don’t go your way

Most women experience times in their lives when things just don’t work our the way you planned. Don’t get me wrong, most women I know are masters of planning weeks, weekends, meals, holidays, kids projects and birthdays and still manage to remember picking up birthday cards, renewing car licences and picking up the dry cleaning over and above cooking, cleaning and holding down a job. Being an education consultant I have the pleasure of working alongside my husband. We consult to a variety of education providers which means our work is not traditional and rather niche as we provide...

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5 Tips for kids and moms who procrastinate

As a born procrastinator I tend to leave things to the last minute. Studying during varsity days used to be one of these things and as if karma is starting to make up good time, I thought I would share a few ways to get in some study time with kids and teens even when the urge to Netflix on the couch is slightly overpowering later in the afternoon. Study smarter, not harder Spend smaller chunks of time reviewing material or reading – don’t attempt to study for hours by memorising old notes. Set some time aside to get...

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