Author: Nadia

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Weekly Shop

I love grocery shopping. I love making the list, deciding on which store to go to, and most of all, how much money I can save or what bargain I can hunt down. Now, I am a marketer by trade which actually means studying ruined grocery shopping for me from a very young age. Consumer BehaviourĀ in varsity taught us all the tricks of the trade from placement of products on the shelves to point of sale promotions and so forth. Thus the hubby usually gets annoyed when I burst the bubble of the “great promotion” by insisting that the...

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4 Ways of Coping When the Kids Get Sick

Between all the recent public holidays recently celebrated in South Africa, hubby and I have had our hands full. After some recent work carried out by our local municipality, our water supply was adversely affected and caused a bout of gastroenteritis in not one, but both our little ones. As we have a seven year old son and a 16 month old daughter we were surprised that this sudden illness had two very different outcomes in each of them. So here are a few tips on surviving these days with or without help. First things first Identify what is...

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